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Lamb shoulder slow cooker: the most delicious recipe

Lamb shoulder slow cooker: the most delicious recipe

Cooking food like lamb seems difficult, but cooking lamb shoulder roast at your home is easy if you follow the instructions in this recipe.

Lamb shoulder slow cooker: the most delicious recipe

You will end up having a juicy meat meal with a lot of great flavors.
Lamb’s shoulder is usually more tender than lamb leg as it has more fat. This makes it a perfect choice for roasting because it is juicier and easier to prepare.
Lamb roast is popular and traditional in Easter in Italy and other European countries; however, it is now very common all over the world.

How to cook lamb shoulder roast

The key tip is to make lamb shoulder roast slowly. Turn the heat down and cook for hours to get the perfect lamb meal.


⦁ 1 kg lamb shoulder
⦁ 1 large onion
⦁ 3-6 garlic cloves
⦁ 5-7 potatoes (and/or sweet potatoes)
⦁ Fresh rosemary
⦁ Some olive oil
⦁ 1 tablespoon black pepper (optional)
⦁ Salt, to taste


⦁ The first step to start with is to heat the oven and start cutting your vegetables. Get the potatoes and onion and cut them into medium slices. Place them in a roasting pan, add some olive oil and salt and mix well together. leave aside

Lamb shoulder

⦁ Next, prepare the lamb shoulder for roasting. Add salt and some olive oil on the shoulder and rub it thoroughly. Then you need to take several deep and small cuts with a sharp knife. After you make these cuts, put the garlic cloves and rosemary in the cuts to add great flavor. Place the lamb shoulder in the roasting pan on top of the vegetables. Add some water to avoid burning.

slow cooker

Now, the pan is ready to go into the preheated oven. Turn down the oven heat and cover the pan with foil. Slow-roast the covered lamb shoulder for about 2-3 hours or more at 180°C. While being roasted, check the water in the pan and add some when needed. You can check the doneness of the meat by using a meat thermometer. If you prefer a brown lamb shoulder, remove the foil and return to the oven to continue roasting for about 15-20 minutes.

Lamb shoulder
The meal is ready now. Take the shoulder and place it on a suitable plate and let it rest for 15 minutes before it is served. Cover it with foil or reheat it later. With a meat fork, shred the meat into chunks or serving pieces and enjoy the flavors.

What to serve with a lamb shoulder roast
What can be a better side dish than roasted potatoes and onions? Green vegetables or salad can go as well. Some people prefer a special gravy with this meal. It is like a sauce that consists of lamb fat or lamb stock with some flour added to it and whisked until the sauce is thick.

Mint sauce is a good addition to our meal. It originally came from England and then spread abroad. This sauce consists of 2 cups of white wine vinegar with 1 cup of sugar mixed together in a saucepan and boiled for 10 minutes. Added to them are some mint leaves after they cool down a bit. Instead of mint sauce, you can serve mint jelly.

Health benefits

This meal is very healthful. Generally, red meat is an excellent source of iron. It also gives your body protein which is necessary to build muscle mass Vitamin B12 and other nutrients like zinc boosts your immune system and help children grow better. Lamb fat has anti-inflammatory features. Serving the meal with vegetables also adds to the nutritional value.


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