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Sushi: a delicious homemade recipe

Sushi: a delicious homemade recipe

What is Sushi?
Sushi is one of the Japanese seafood dishes popular not only in Asia but also in the whole world.

Sushi homemade recipe

Trying different traditional meals is exciting and cooking food at home can be even more interesting. Here is a simple recipe to cook sushi.

How to make sushi?

You can buy sushi at a restaurant prepared by the best sushi chefs. However, why don’t you cook it at home? When you prepare it at home, it will be much cheaper and much more fun. Some tools are needed to make the process easier and simpler. You need a rice cooker, a bamboo rolling mat, plastic wrap, a large bowl, a cutting board, and a sharp knife. Let’s look at the ingredients now.
The main ingredients are:

  • Nori sheets (seaweeds)
  • 1.5 cups of rice
  • 2 cups of water
  • Soy sauce
  • Veggies
  • Salt to taste
  • Rice vinegar to taste
  • Toppings (sesame seeds, chia seeds, avocado, mango, almonds, slices of fish, …)


After getting all the ingredients from the market and preparing the needed tools in your kitchen, you are ready to start your cooking experience.
First, we need to cook the rice. Wash the rice with cold water many times until the water is clear and not cloudy. This is essential to avoid sticky rice after it is being cooked. After washing it, add water and let it simmer for about 20 minutes over low heat. Of course, it will take much less time if you use a rice cooker.

Sushi homemade

Second, we should prepare rice vinegar. Put the rice vinegar and sugar in a pan together. When sugar disappears from the mixture, the vinegar is ready then. Wait until it cools; do not use it when it is hot.
Third, add the vinegar slowly to the rice and move carefully until the rice is coated with the vinegar.
Next, you are ready to start rolling when the rice is cool. Place the plastic wrap over the bamboo mat. Place a nori sheet on top and a thin layer of the rice you prepared earlier on the nori sheet. Add some veggies and fish slices on top. Now roll the mat with a little pressure so that you have a sushi roll. Make sure you seal the end of the roll with some cold water.


This is how you will have a sushi roll with rice inside. It can also be prepared
with rice on the outside and nori on the inside. But, it is a bit difficult for beginners.
Finally, place the roll on the cutting board and use your knife to cut the roll into smaller pieces. Add your favorite topping and enjoy with some soy sauce!

Health benefits

Sushi is healthy food for several reasons. It provides omega 3 that our bodies need especially to boost memory. It is also rich in proteins and fats which are important for our brains. More importantly, sushi contains antioxidants that are essential especially as an anti-aging source. Moreover, the minerals that sushi contains help our immunity system work better and give us the energy to perform our daily tasks. Nori is rich in iodine which is important for proper thyroid function and obesity control.
Nutritionists recommend eating sushi at least twice a week for better health.


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