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coconut in the oven The best way to prepare

coconut in the oven The best way to prepare

coconut in the oven
Coconut fruit is one of the types of fruits of great benefit, so its peel, pulp, oil, and water are used, and coconut contains many important elements.

coconut best way to prepare

such as calcium, potassium, and various vitamins and minerals, and it is an important source of fiber and fatty acids, making it an important source for supplying the body. With the energy needed to do various work and activities, and in this article, the best way to make coconut in the oven will be presented.

Coconut Benefits:

  1. -It helps get rid of dead cells by mixing a little of its oil with a little baking soda and using it as a mask that is placed for two minutes on the skin.
  2. -Coconut fruit moisturizes the skin by wiping drops of its water on the skin.
  3. -Coconut oil also contains cardiovascular and heart-healthy fats, and it is the best choice for cooking oils.
  4. -Coconut oil can be used to help hair grow in a healthy and healthy way.
  5. -Coconut is useful for eliminating some diseases such as influenza, cough, and sore throat.
  6. -It is useful for healing wounds and protecting them from external pollutants.

With these great benefits of the coconut fruit, delicious dishes are made from sweets such as delicious coconut tablets, and coconut is made in the oven, as the presence of such sweets easy to prepare on the family table is one of the important things that may be served with coffee or juice as it is very much loved by Children, and we will give you my lady today how to prepare coconut tablets in the oven.

How to cook coconut in the oven:

How to cook coconut in the oven


  • Two eggs of medium size-
  • One and three-quarters of a cup of shredded coconut-
  • Half a cup of sugar-
  • Half a spoonful of vanilla-
  • -Half a spoonful of shredded lemon

How to prepare:

-In our eggs, we separate the yolk and the white, because we only need the egg white.
-We beat the egg whites with an electric mixer or by hand mixing until we get a thick and solid mixture, then add sugar and vanilla and mix the ingredients together, then add the grated lemon and stir them together well until the ingredients are mixed.
-We pour the mixture into a cooking pot and add shredded coconut to it, heat it a little over a low heat with constant stirring, then take it off the heat and leave it until it cools for about half an hour.

coconut in the oven

-Grease the baking tray with butter, and shape the coconut patties to the shape we want and the desired size and half in the tray.
-We turn on the oven at a temperature of 300 ° C, put the tray of coconut discs, and leave it until it takes a golden color, but it must be monitored constantly so that it does not burn.

coconut in the oven

One of the favorite foods for coconut is the coconut balls in the oven.

How to make coconut balls :

How to make coconut balls


  • Five eggs-
  • Half a tablespoon of vanilla-
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of salt-
  • Two hundred and fifty grams of sugar-
  • Fifty grams of sweetened condensed milk-
  • -One hundred grams of almond powder. A hundred grams of finely ground sugar
  • Twenty grams of white flour-
  • Three hundred grams of coconut-

How to prepare:

  1. -Put in a bowl of egg whites, salt, and vanilla, and mix with a hand mixer until we get a coherent mixture
  2. -We add sugar gradually to the previous mixture and continue with the rapid mixing
  3. -Add the sweetened condensed milk to the previous mixture, and mix again
  4. -We mix the almonds, flour, fine sugar, and coconut, then add them to the previous mixture, with the need to continue whisking
  5. -We put the coconut paste in the pots for sweets, then put it in a tray containing baking sheets.

  • We operate the oven at a temperature of 180 ° C
    -We put the tray in the oven for a period of not less than fifteen minutes, then take it out after it ripens and takes a golden color, and put the pieces of coconut balls in a dish suitable for serving, and serve it cold
coconut in the oven
coconut in the oven 

Coconut balls in the oven:


  • The whites of four eggs-
  • A cup of sugar-
  • Two and a half cups of grated coconut-
  • Half a tablespoon of vanilla-
  • Half a tablespoon of grated lemon peel-

How to prepare

  1. -Put the egg white in a hollow bowl, and beat it well with the hand mixer, until we get a creamy mixture, and until the foam is formed. Add vanilla, sugar, and lemon zest, and beat again
  2. -We add coconut to the previous mixture, gradually, and keep stirring
  3. -Pour the coconut mixture in a saucepan, then leave it on low heat, for at least ten minutes, until it gets hot
  4. -Remove the pot from the heat, then leave it aside for at least half an hour, until it is completely cooled
  5. -We form the coconut mixture into small round discs, then place them in a suitable oven tray
  6. -We put the tray in the preheated oven at a medium temperature, until it takes a golden color Thus, the best way to make coconut in the oven was presented, in a way that guarantees the distinct taste


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