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Marinating shrimp at home - the best way

Marinating shrimp at home

The shrimp is a family of invertebrate, crustacean marine animals. It lives in water bodies, whether the water is fresh or salty, and its shape is cylindrical and the front of its head is slightly pointed, as for the rest of its body it is covered with smooth scales and has a short, flowing tail that helps it to swim and has a shape similar to a quadruple propeller. It has two sensors and thirteen pairs of legs, and it uses shrimp as food and there are many ways to cook it, and its flavor varies according to the seasoning, and in this article, we will explain the best way to season shrimp.

the best way
Marinating shrimp at home

  • Two kilograms of large shrimp-
  • A medium-sized onion-
  • A large tomato-
  • A large piece of capsicum-
  • Half a bunch of parsley-
  • Half a bunch of dill-
  • Four cloves of garlic-
  • Four tablespoons of oil-
  • A handful of dry coriander-
  • Two small tablespoons of salt-
  • Pinch of cumin-
  • Three sticks of rosemary-
  • A teaspoon of black pepper-
  • Half a teaspoon of cinnamon-
  • Three leaves of laurel plant-

Marinating shrimp
How to prepare:

  1. We clean the shrimp by making a long slit on the back and removing the giblets from it.Put the shrimp in a bowl and rinse it well with water and direct the water to enter the incision that was previously made with a gentle rubbing with the fingertips to ensure all the dirt is removed.
  2. -We put the shrimp in a colander for some time to get rid of the water.Peel the garlic and crush it with a pestle and add all the spices and dried coriander. Season the shrimp by placing this seasoning in the hole made in the back, and leave it aside for an hour so that the shrimp absorb the seasoning.
  3. -Peel the onion, cut it into very thin wings, put salt and black pepper on it, mix them, and spread the onion and pepper in a tray.
  4. -Wash the dill and coriander and spread them over the onions.
  5. -We put the marinated shrimp directly over the onion, dill and coriander, or you can stick the shrimp into the barbecue skewers starting from the head area and passing to the tail, this gives a beautiful look when serving.
  6. -We wash the tomatoes and the capsicum and chop them, and sprinkle them with a sprinkle of all the spices that we seasoned with the shrimp.
  7. -We prepare the tray and put a little oil in it, then arrange the shrimp skewers in it, then put the tomatoes and peppers on the shrimp, and cover the tray with aluminum foil.
  8. We heat the oven on medium heat and put the tray in it for half an hour, after which we discard the aluminum foil and turn off the oven.
  9. -We turn on the grill to brown the tray face and leave it under the grill until the face has browned for a period ranging between five or ten minutes.
  10. -We turn off the oven and put it in a serving dish.

Another way to season the shrimp is to season the grilled shrimp.

season grilled shrimp

  1. A kilo of shrimp-
  2. Four garlic cloves-
  3. Two tablespoons of salt-
  4. Two tablespoons of fish spices-
  5. Spoon of cinnamon-
  6. Two tablespoons of ground coriander-
  7. A spoonful of vinegar-
  8. Two tablespoons of lemon juice-
  9. A tablespoon of sesame oil-
  10. Two tablespoons of ground ginger-
  11. A spoonful of pomegranate molasses-
  12. Four tablespoons of olive oil-

How to season grilled shrimp:

How to season grilled shrimp

-In a large bowl, add olive oil, pomegranate molasses, vinegar, sesame oil, and lemon juice, then mix these ingredients well, then add garlic after mashing it (crushed garlic can be used), ground ginger, cinnamon, coriander, salt, and fish spices, mix them well and leave them for ten minutes.
-We clean the shrimp, wash it and remove the outer shell, put it in the marinade bowl and stir it well and then leave it for half an hour or an hour until it penetrates well with the marinade, and it is recommended to leave it for an hour in the refrigerator.

Stage of grilling prawns:

  • It is either grilled in the oven or on the grill, and if we want to roast the shrimp in the oven, we put it and arrange it in a tray, put the shrimp and the marinade and cut the onions, tomatoes, slices of lemon and garlic, and then pour the rest of the seasoning into the tray.
  • Cover with tin foil and turn on the oven at 180 degrees, then reduce it to 120 degrees and put the shrimp in the oven for 10 minutes, and if we choose the grill, put the shrimp on the grill each piece and turn it until its golden color, put it in a tray and heat the rest of the marinade ingredients and leave it to boil and then pour it over the grilled shrimp.
Thus, the best methods of seasoning the shrimp were presented, to ensure the best results and wonderful taste.

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