10 Life-threatening cooking habits everyone commonly does:

Home-cooking has several advantages. Therefore, meals that are cooked at home are better for you in dietary needs fulfillments once eaten frequently. Nevertheless, something of big importance to do is following some rules to keep the food safe to eat.
We are severely concerned about your health so that we wanted to tell you what’s wrong deeds to avoid doing to your food. Therefore, there are bacteria that you would be able to distinguish neither by your eyes nor by tasting the food. Those unrecognizable bacteria can be life-threatening since it poisons your food and thus you had better throw that food off if you feel or carry some doubts about your food to be rotten.
⦁ Defrosting meat outside :

The risky temperature for storing food is that one ranging from 41° to 140°Fahrenheit (it is from 5° to 60° Celsius). At that temperature, any type of harmful bacteria will grow rapidly on your food. For that reason, you ought to defrost meat either in your fridge or put it in your microwave.

⦁ Rinsing raw meat with water :

It is a bad mistake and wrong idea that everything can be cleaned when rinsed with water. The meat of all its types (chicken, beef, veal…etc) should not at all be washed before cooking it at all, specialists warn. Therefore, bacteria in it would spread elsewhere to other nearby food or into utensils and containers.

⦁ Cooling down food prior to putting it in the fridge :

This is the same mistake as defrosting your meat outside the fridge; putting it at a temperature that we mentioned previously helps the bacteria grow very quickly. For that stated reason, it is dreadfully hazardous to let your edible products defrosting outside and becoming spoiled, rotten, and unhealthy to eat.
⦁ Tasting food to check whether it’s spoiled or not:

Do not try tasting any food that you are not sure whether is safe or not. For the simple reason, that bacteria can not be recognized apparently nor by taste. Thus, all you have to do once you are not sure of the safety of a certain food is to drop it away because it might be rotten and full of bacteria and merely a very small amount of it can poison your entire food and cause you severe health issues.
⦁ Trying or eating raw eggs and raw dough :

We warn you from eating raw eggs, therefore they might contain Salmonella. The latter, is a bacteria that might be found in raw eggs however, not all eggs may consist of it. So as a precaution, cook an egg or boil it to eat it safely. Another element we strongly warn you from eating even some of it is dough when it isn’t cooked yet. Therefore besides Salmonia in raw eggs (that might be an ingredient in it), there is a bacteria named E.coli that is found in flour; and can cause you several severe infections.

⦁ Marinating your meat or fish outside the fridge :

Another mistake to commit that can lead your food to be poisoned, is marinating your meat or fish outside the fridge. You need to take into great consideration the temperature range that might be risky enough to grow bacteria quickly on your food.
⦁ Undercooking your meat or fish :

Heating food to some higher temperature is the only way to kill all bacteria in it, and therefore you enjoy eating safe and delicious food. In order to make sure fish or meat is cooked properly and evenly, it is recommended to utilize a kitchen thermometer.
⦁ Cooking without having your hands washed :

Taking care of your hand hygiene is the most important thing to do before touching any food or cooking item and after having done cooking and eating as well. Therefore, bacteria grows everywhere and you are most likely to touch anything dirty or full of bacteria and transfer the latter to your food if you carelessly go to the kitchen and start cooking food. Ultimately, you will surely suffer from severe health issues because of the transferred bacteria from any surface that you touched into your hand and then to your food. You are recommended greatly to wash your hands before touching any food and after cooking and before you start eating as well.
⦁ Buying chicken that is brine-injected or water-added  :

There are certain chicken or meats injected with brine or water in order to add up weight to it and higher the price. We ensure you that those types of injections are not safe at all. So, when you are buying chicken or meat make sure to read carefully the ingredients added to it, and therefore buy something that does neither affect the taste of the product nor harm your health.
⦁ Exposing raw honey to higher temperatures :

Something important to know is that honey should not be exposed to higher temperatures at all. Therefore, on the one hand, it decreases its quality while on the other hand it increases carcinogenic compounds and makes it something harmful instead of beneficial to your health. So, do not add honey to your hot cup of tea or mug of coffee.

Do you have some special and good tips to protect your food and eat or keep it safe? Share with us what you know.