Food That You Should Never Try To Reheat in Your Microwave:

The microwave is doubtlessly one of the most brilliant inventions that save time. Therefore, any cold food heats up quicker and easier than it does on a stove or an oven. All you have to do is to choose the mode of heating and set the timer on. However, the microwave doesn’t work properly heating all dishes without exception. That is to say, some dishes will become ruined in the microwave, and others will form some dreadfully harmful substances to health. We brought up for you a list of food that are enemies to the microwave. As an addition, we share with you a list of kitchen tricks that can be done with our wonderful device.
⦁ Types of Meat, Chicken, and Fish:

Meats that are processed are full of preservatives, when put in the microwave and therefore be exposed to electromagnetic radiation, the situation results in the transformation of meats’ preservatives into carcinogenic chemical compounds for instance the oxidized cholesterol. The fried chicken’s crispy crusts will become moist, and sticky when heated by the microwave. More than this, the meat won’t get heated evenly, and it will ultimately taste bad. Heating a dish of fish is really a bad idea. Therefore, you will fill in the whole house with a very awful smell. Furthermore, you are not going to be able to eat fish microwaved it will become dried since it loses its moisture and its taste as well.
⦁ Veggies and Fruits:

Broccoli loses its beneficial properties once microwaved. So, it is better to steam and enjoy its taste and healthy elements. Beet leaves, for instance, can lose their properties and become something inedible at all when put in the microwave. Instead of eating it tasty, you won’t dare to eat it burnt. Beet and Spinach are examples of what can become from healthy food into harmfully carcinogenic food due to being exposed to microwave electromagnetic radiation. Spicy chili peppers are also a bad mistake to put in the microwave. Therefore, it consists of capsaicin that has its use and benefits to health. The latter element will be evaporated and once the microwave’s door is opened, the entire room is filled with a pungent smell. Talking about fruits, berries, and grapes and all types of fruits can’t be microwaved at all otherwise a colorful disaster is going to happen also an unhealthy thing to eat.
⦁ Pizza, Chinese food, and Rice:

It is a kind of a bad idea to eat pizza microwaved. Thus, the crisps that make it a special and enjoyable dish to eat; will become moistened. Cheese and all patterns of food in the pizza will become sticky and you would not like its taste nor wanting to finish it up at all. So, it is rather recommended to reheat pizza either in the oven set at a higher temperature or on a hot pan to enjoy eating the crispy pizza. Be careful! Do not even think about putting food in the same container it was delivered in. Therefore, containers are usually made of plastics and metal with some other elements on them, such as glue or wax and ink also; so all of these can lead to a fire when put in the microwave. There is nothing harmful to happen to reheat Chinese food in the microwave, however, the delicious taste of it will go and you end up eating something wet and tasting very bad. So, it is better to heat it in a different way other than the microwave.
The results of reheating rice in the microwave are not predictable. Therefore, the heat of the microwave is not enough powerful to kill some bacterium that is Bacillus Cereus. Those that can coexist in some types of food -including rice- following their initial preparation. So you had better throw that rice unfortunately into the garbage instead of eating it poisonous.
⦁ Soup and liquids :

It is possible to heat the soup in the microwave but for one condition, that it must be watery, not thick, and pureed otherwise it will explode and make the whole device inside full of its drops. That happens because the soups get heated not evenly, so preferably stir it from time to time until it is fully heated without causing any disaster. A good trick is to put a stick or a wooden spoon in the soup bowl.
Heating coffee in the microwave is not harmful to your health. But, it’s a matter of bitterish and sour flavors. So, you would not be able to drink it or sip it unless you are a fan of such a strong taste of it. Or else, put an ice cube in your cup of coffee to finish it with joy.
All that is made for a baby is not to be heated by the microwave. For the simple reason that the baby can get burnt in his tongue, mouth, or throat. Among those things that can not be heated are infant formula, breast milk, and also baby food.
Normal water should not be heated in the microwave at all. Therefore, it may boil or cause the explosion of the glass of water even after taking it off from the device and putting merely a spoon in it.
Several oils can’t be heated properly by the microwave, because their temperature is not high enough to the wanted degree. Examples of oils are as follows: olive, sesame, grape, and canola. Those and others consist of fats more than being liquids.
⦁ Some handy tips to use by the microwave :
I know the stated list of products that you are warned to heat in the microwave, do not get upset and drop this device away considering it of no use. I cheerfully tell you that you can do amazing handy tricks by it.
⦁ You can peel garlic rapidly: you may usually suffer to remove the peels from the cloves of garlic. All you need to do to facilitate the task is to put the garlic inside the microwave for about 15 to 20 seconds only and you can get work done quickly.

⦁ You can prepare a freshly-squeezed juice: You won’t suffer any difficulty squeezing lemons or oranges to make juice if you put them into the microwave shortly for 10 to 20 seconds; then the radiation will do a good job in destroying the inner membranes that are in these citrus fruits.

⦁ You can peel vegetables easily: Zucchini and root veggies are often difficult to peel. In order to make this work easier and quicker, put them in your microwave set in the minimum power for about 2 to 3 minutes and you will quickly peel its skin off.

⦁ You can cut onions without any struggle: You would love to eat onion in some dishes but the process of cutting it makes you suffer shedding tears forcibly. That is mainly due to some corrosive gas produced by onion and it is irritating to eyes no matter how you try to avoid it. We brought you the solution, all you ought to do is put your onion in the microwave for about 45 seconds, and the enzymes that are responsible for producing the corrosive gas will be destroyed.

⦁ You can beat the milk into foam: Do you want to make a yummy cappuccino but you can’t afford to buy a coffee machine? You can make yourself a good cappuccino using the microwave. Pour some milk in a ceramic jar or a glass that can be closed making sure it is not entirely full, shake it strongly. Put it in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds until it turns out into foam. The next step is to put it back after then in the household device for more than 30 seconds watching the foam rising. And at last, you can add it to your coffee and enjoy the cappuccino you have just made.
⦁ Fry seeds and nuts safely and quickly: If you are in hurry to fry seeds and nuts for any recipe, don’t stress out! Put them into a container made of ceramic, then add some drops of oil, and enter them in the microwave. It won’t take them a long time to be fried; merely about 3 minutes to find them cooked.

It is seriously warned by experts not to reheat any food more than once. Therefore, microorganisms and bacteria develop in food that is stored for a longer time. Even though food doesn’t harm your health in its first preparation, it does after being heated in case you don’t measure the temperature of the dish. It is suggested and strongly recommended, stirring food very well to make sure there isn’t any cold element that can become a suitable ground for bacteria. Apart from bacteria, as much as you reheat a portion of food, it becomes tasteless every time more.
Now tell us your experience with heating food in the microwave. Did you suffer any troubles with any food we listed?