15 Useful and Simple Kitchen Tips and Tricks for Cooking at Home

Everyone loves home cooking. It is essential to maintain your health, improve it, and ensure healthy and fresh meals for your family. It is also enjoyable to cook your own meals at home and feel a sense of achievement especially when you are not cooking alone; it is fun to spend time cooking with others. However, you might find some obstacles to cooking at home. Cooking at home is time-consuming and you might not have enough time to do it. You might also be too tired to start cooking after a busy day. Above all, you might not have enough skills to start cooking tasty family meals. Don’t worry about those obstacles. Read the following article and find out 15 useful cooking hacks that will save time and effort in the kitchen. In addition, the tips will ensure you prepare tastier and more professional dishes.
⦁ Adding lemon juice to stop vegetables and fruit from getting brown

When you cut vegetables and fruit like apples, avocados, and potatoes and leave them for a while, there is a risk they become brown on the surface due to oxidization. To avoid this problem, use lemon juice, and the color won’t change at all.
⦁ Keep parsley fresh and green

We always suffer from leafy vegetables getting yellow especially parsley. To save them fresh and green in your kitchen for up to a week, put them in a glass of water. No trick can be simpler!
⦁ Prevent Pasta and Spaghetti from sticking together while cooking

While cooking pasta, we all experience the problem of pasta or spaghetti sticking together. There is a way out. Boil water with salt and some olive oil, then add spaghetti in and leave it for a while and test it with your fingers. It should stay firm and nice on the inside. After you drain it, add some salt and olive oil again. This will guarantee you get nice and perfectly cooked pasta.
⦁ Boiled potatoes in cold water

Have you ever suffered from boiled potatoes falling apart on the outside? The rule for boiling potatoes says you should start with cold water, not hot water, and you will end up with perfect potatoes boiled equally inside and outside. If you start with hot water, the outside falls apart, while the inside is still hard.
⦁ Frozen lemon wedges as a substitute for ice cubes

Lemon or lime wedges can be put in the freezer until well frozen then used in a glass of water or any other favorite drink. To freeze, you can place them in an ice cube tray or simply in a plastic storage bag. Enjoy your cold glass of water or drink with an amazing lemon flavor!
⦁ Don’t cook your meat immediately after you get it out of the freezer

When you get your meat out of the freezer, let it rest for a while before cooking. Let it move from being tough to tender. Do the same after you cook it; let it rest before you cut it for perfect texture and flavor. Enjoy your tender meat!
⦁ 2 ways to get the maximum amount of lemon or lime juice

The first way to get as much lemon juice as possible is to microwave the lemon for 10-20 seconds. Another way is to roll it between your palm and the kitchen counter hard, cut it in half, and squeeze.
⦁ Scar fish and chicken before you cook them

For better flavors and texture, you are advised to scar fish or chicken before you cook them. This will allow them to cook faster and absorb the marinade deeply as well.
⦁ When to add soft herbs to our dish?

Soft fresh herbs like parsley cannot be added at the beginning of cooking. To reserve their nice green color, texture, and benefit, add them at the end of the cooking process.
⦁ How to peel away tomato skin easily

Scar each tomato at the bottom and place them in a bowl of boiling water for 1 minute. Then move them to another bowl of cold water. This shock will make the skin peel away easily and quickly.
⦁ How to peel and mash garlic

Peel a garlic clove by pressing it between a knife and the kitchen counter, then mash using a fork. The task is much easier now, right?
⦁ Removing pomegranate seeds easily

Cut the pomegranate into two halves. Make a few cuts at the sides of each half then with the seeds facing down, tap with a large wooden spoon, and the seeds will come out easily.
⦁ Grate your cheese more easily

Is it a mess whenever you want to grate cheese? Not anymore with this trick. Freeze the cheese for 30 minutes before grating so it will harden up and become easier to grate.
⦁ Prevent milk from boiling over

Avoid getting your milk or some other liquids from boiling over and turning your kitchen into a mess by placing a wooden spoon on top of the pan.
⦁ How to reheat your pizza

You have some pizza leftovers and you want to heat them in the microwave? Well, make sure they don’t dry out by placing a cup of water in the microwave while heating to moisturize the air.