9 Foods We Have Been Wrongly Washing:

Before consuming any kind of food product, you need to wash them properly and in the correct way. The washing process won’t take you much time at all, and it is for your own good. However, washing any element in an incorrect way would be in vain, and it will thus keep being harmful to your health once taken improperly washed. So we decided to list up some regularly-taken food products, and also we will do our best to show you how to rinse them properly.
⦁ Washing frozen fruits and vegetables :

Vegetables that are frozen facilitate our everyday life, since all you need to do usually is putting them in a pan and boiling them. Things will be well once these vegetables are washed before being frozen. Additionally, it is okay to cook them at a high temperature without them having been washed previously, therefore the heat will kill all bacteria. However, if you are willing to eat them undercooked, you really ought to wash them very well after taking them out of the freezer, to make sure you eat something healthy.
⦁ Rice must be washed :

Rice with all its types and colors should be washed 3 to 4 times prior to cooking it. Furtherly, the long-grain rice must be rinsed very well. To clarify more, the starch that covers rice is actually causing grains of rice to clump up together with one another and then appear to be unappetizing at all. Moreover, it is greatly recommended to wash all types of starchy grains not just rice; those such as wheat grains and corn. You have to wash them until you see clear water running uncolored and without dirt.
⦁ Wash oysters and mussels very well :

If you are keen on cooking and eating seafood, make sure you wash those foods in shell thoroughly, even if you purchased them frozen. Therefore, you never know, they might be full of sand, dirt, and grit as well. Thus, you surely would not like the taste of sand bothering you from enjoying the good taste of your favorite seafood.
⦁ Milk and dairy products that are packaged:

The packaging of milk and yogurt and any liquid products are recommended to be washed before using them. Therefore, a lot of customers’ hands touch them. Thus, those products’ packages would hold a lot of bacteria; and you surely would not like to suffer any health problems because of your recklessness. Now that you know wash things properly before usage.
⦁ What you don’t know about washing fish :

High temperature kills bacteria in almost everything including fish without washing it. unless you want to eat it raw. Therefore, when washing fish, bacteria will be spread to your hands, your knife, and all over your kitchen. So you have to make sure to wash the cutting board, your knife, and your hands too of course in order to keep being safe from germs and bacteria.
⦁ Red and white cabbage, and cauliflower all must be washed :

Regardless of the cabbage’s type, you must wash it well. More than this, cauliflower that is belonging to the exact same family of cabbage, you have to clean its nooks as well as you have to separate them in pieces. Furthermore, if you are willing to cook white or red cabbage, you must remove their 2 upper layers since they might hide dust, dirt, bugs, and bacteria too. In order to remove bacteria and bugs, all you have to do is to put the cabbage in a sink full of water, adding to it some vinegar leaving it for some minutes; and after then you ought to rinse your cabbage with fresh clean water.
⦁ Canned beverages wash them before opening them :

Canned beverages are handy to use on hot days of summer. Therefore, the can keeps the drink inside it cold and thus tasty. However, don’t rush to gulp the can before washing it or merely wiping its top at least. Therefore, cans are transported and delivered to groceries, supermarkets, and fast-food restaurants by trucks that are full of dust, besides to the fact that customers and employers and all people in stores would touch them so those cans would hold a lot of germs and you had better not risk drinking from them without cleaning them. In addition to this, if you are at home you can simply pour the can’s content in a glass picked up from your kitchen, and safely enjoy drinking your favorite soda.
⦁ Lettuce must be washed before being served :

All that is green from frood is both delicious and healthy for you to eat. However, they must be well-rinsed with water. For instance, as you are preparing lettuce make sure you clean it and cleanse it thoroughly with water. Therefore, there can be sands, dirt, as well as some insects that you have to remove by putting the leaves of this vegetable in some cold water for a few minutes and wash them again thoroughly with your both hands with clean water; then let it dry on a kitchen towel -a clean one. Now that it is clean, you can eat it fresh and healthy.
⦁ Apples must be washed from chemicals :

It is proved that young fruits that aren’t exposed to any chemicals and treatments are the healthiest. However, since you might not be sure whether or not an apple is free from chemicals in its external surface. Therefore, you have to wash it well before eating it. Moreover, some studies revealed that the result of soaking any fruit in water, as well as the baking soda for just 12 minutes, is impressive; thus by this way mostly all chemicals are washed off and your fruit becomes more healthy to consume.
Now that you are aware of these products that you should wash, will you make it a habit to wash everything before consuming it? Do you have other cooking tips to share with us? Tell us what you know concerning the topic.